Holiday Gift Guide 2016 Edition!

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dinner-then-dessert-2016-holiday-guideI seriously can’t believe it is December already. Since it is the end of the year I figured it would be a fun trip down memory lane (just like we did last year) to see which items you all loved most. Mind you there are affiliate links but none of these items are sponsored in any way, so every time I have mentioned them it was because I genuinely loved them.

In 2016 you all have purchased over 3000 items through the links on the blog and these are the top purchased items as well as my favorite tools in the kitchen that I wouldn’t trade for anything!

  1. Cast Iron Lodge 12″ Skillet  This should come as no shock as it is basically my favorite item in the kitchen AND you all bought it more than anything else last year too. I still use it EVERY SINGLE DAY. I use it so much in fact I don’t even put it away after washing, it goes right back on my stovetop. This is a nod to how special it is to me but also that it is HEAVY and I’m not going to bend down into the bottom cabinet to put it away for all of 2 hours before pulling it back out again. The real kicker? For the amount of use it gets, it is so incredibly inexpensive!! I am not at all shocked that you all loved this best. Cast Iron Skillet
  2. Hamilton Beach 70450 8-Cup Food Processor  This version has been replaced by a newer one, but as long as this is still available via Amazon Prime, this is going to be my recommendation because this workhorse has NEVER failed me. Let me say as a private chef I bought this to go to client homes in my toolkit because I wanted to baby my Cuisinart at home. Guess what, that Cuisinart sits in the garage now and this one (for 8 years now) is my absolute workhorse! I can not recommend it more highly, I even bought a backup a couple years ago in case this one ever kicks the bucket because it is the only food processor I want to use.
  3. Pig Tail Food Flipper: Last year this one surprised me because I think I only mentioned it a couple of times on the blog. This year I think I’ve waxed poetic about it a lot more often so I am less surprised. It is still one of three essential hand tools I use in the kitchen. The other two are my tongs and my knife. I flip almost everything with this tool and it rocks. No splattering, it makes the smallest pin prick in the food and it is a quick way to flip a whole pan full of items in seconds. Way to go Pig Tail flipper! Pig Tail Food Flipper
  4. AllSpice Wooden Spice Storage Rack: There are no words for how deep my love for this spice rack goes. You know that cabinet you have full of spices and the frustration of lining them up neatly or stacking them or buying those stands to help organize them? Yeah. Well this spice rack replaces all of that with gorgeous walnut stained maple (same as my kitchen), has glass jars and comes with over 130 labels and some blank ones so you can label just about any spice you have. It honestly is my favorite part of the kitchen and I smile when I look at it every day. Quick tip, I actually also keep my salts and ground black pepper in jars there so I don’t need to go to a different cabinet to grab table/kosher/sea salt or black pepper. Saves SO MUCH time. Ok, enough waxing poetic. Allspice Wooden Spice Rack
  5. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer: No surprise here and thanks to Bob’s Red Mill for their Instagram Super Food Showdown Challenge that we won we have a brand new one in Dinner, then Dessert’s team kitchen.

A couple of other favorites of mine that missed the cut but deserve an honorable mention? My favorite tongs, blender, my favorite all purpose chopping knife *the big rocking knife* (I use this instead of my Shun set almost all the time unless I need a specific knife), and my favorite chefs toy I love experimenting with, the sous vide machine.

Hope this helps out your holiday shopping list!

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