Account Tutorial

Thanks for signing up for an account on Dinner, then Dessert!

Let’s review how you can use the Recipe Box.

Once you’ve created your account you are ready to start saving recipes. First let’s make sure you are logged in. To login look for this in the mobile menu:

Click on “Login to Your Account” and you’ll see this page.

Note: Chrome and Safari can save your passwords too! But rest assured your password on Dinner, then Dessert doesn’t have to be super long, there’s absolutely no sensitive information saved on our servers. If someone were to log in as you they’d only be able to see all the delicious recipes you’ve been saving.

Back to our login page:

Now that you’re logged in, you should be able to see your saved recipes.

The easiest way to get to them is in the mobile menu, first option titled “Saved Recipes”:

Want to start saving recipes right away? Let’s get to it! When you’re looking at a recipe on the site, all you have to do (assuming you are logged in – this part is very important) is click “Save Recipe”

The “Save Recipe” button is located above the recipe as well as on the bottom of your mobile screen. You should see a red “Pin” button as well as a gold “Save” button on all pages that have recipes.


and below the recipe:


If you ever want to remove a saved recipe all you have to do is click on the “Save Recipe” button (which will now say Saved Recipe) a second time.

Once you click Save Recipe you’ll find the recipe in your Saved Recipes Folder:

If you love what you see and you start saving more and more recipes you’ll be able to sort through them all using the category filters.

If you are on Desktop and want to view your saved recipes there are a few easy ways to access them.

First, the sidebar on any recipe page will have this box (when logged in):

Or if you look at the top of the page (when logged in) clicking “Saved Recipes” will bring you to this page:

Now go, enjoy and save recipes! And if you haven’t already made an account please do so!

which will coincidentally bring you right back to this page to get acquainted with the Saved Recipes feature!

Any feedback? We would love to hear anything that would make you all enjoy the features on the site more.