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Welcome to Dinner then Dessert, my food website filled with recipes I’ve created in the over ten years I’ve been a private chef.

Dinner then Dessert got it’s first start in 2007 as a lunch service in my office as I started cooking for coworkers who admired my lunches I’d make everyday. Soon that business was booming and I was making 8-10 lunches a day (I only had 12 coworkers) and I was catching the cooking bug.

After culinary school Dinner, then Dessert transitioned into a full time personal chef and private chef business for clients who were young and old (some people you’ve heard of even!). This became a passion of mine until life, kids and moving happened and I needed to step away from other people’s kitchens and stay in my own.

Dinner then Dessert became an online recipe website in 2015 when I began posting recipes I had shared with clients over the years as a way of staying connected with my favorite clients I could no longer cook for. Over the years it has grown into a larger food website that is shared by millions of readers a month who enjoy the recipes, share them with their friends and families and find joy in cooking again.

To this day I still have private chef clients I love to cook for and being a trained professional chef is a distinction I treasure and value.

My hope is this this website helps you enjoy a meal together that everyone raves over, maybe even something special for a new relationship or for your husband’s boss coming to dinner. Think of me as your personal chef in your kitchen.

Want to learn more about me? Check out my website, Sabrina Snyder where you can learn more about me, my speaking engagements, organizations I belong to and more about my new Cookbook!

You can order the book on Amazon/Target/Walmart/Barnes and Noble and read more about me on my author page at Harper Collins here: Harper Collins’ Sabrina Snyder Bio Page.

My Personal Chef Business page:┬áLastly, hey I am a chef after all. If you live in the Sacramento area and want me to do a private event for you or provide personal chef services, please visit my business page, Dinner, then Dessert, Personal Chef Services. I’m pretty cool to hang around, if I do say so myself and most people I’ve run into seem to enjoy the food I make.

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To see all the recipes I’ve posted on the site see my Dinner, then Dessert author page.

For business inquiries you can reach Dinner, then Dessert at:

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If you would like to email, I would love to hear from you! Please reach out to me at [email protected].

Welcome! Enjoy the blog, take your shoes off, make a cup of coffee and settle in. Deliciousness lies ahead.

Thanks so much for being here and honestly, if you have any questions about any recipes or want to make a recipe suggestion please send off a message to me in the comment form below!

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