Brown Sugar Garlic Pork with Carrots & Potatoes

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Just 6 ingredients and less than an hour are all that separates you from this awesome meal with caramelized Brown Sugar Garlic Pork and roasted vegetables.

Just 6 ingredients and less than an hour are all that separate you from this awesome caramelized Brown Sugar Garlic Pork and roasted vegetables. Sticky and sweet with a punch of garlic, this Brown Sugar Garlic Pork loin is sure to be a huge hit with your family. Serve it up with some roasted carrots and potatoes on the side for a healthy balanced meal. From start to finish it is 45 minutes, most of which is just letting it cook in the oven!

Ahh Thursdays! They are usually the hardest day of the week for me as I always wish they could just be Friday but am always disappointed there is another day before I can just unwind for the weekend with extra help from the hubby with the kids. It is also usually the day we used to order food in since I am almost always running on empty energy wise and making dinner feels like a chore.

These are the days I reserve for meals like this. Easy meals I don’t need to worry about watching on the stove top as the kids run around me throwing legos and trying to pry open every can of play doh we own (I can NOT stress enough the level of hate I have for those two toys that will create a mess and get smashed into fabrics or cause you to have severe foot pain when you step on them). I even bought special bags to store the blocks in and a great organizing rack for the play doh, but it still ends up EVERYWHERE. Any parents have any tips for me on containing them?

If you’re looking for a slow cooker version of this recipe (minus the veggies and plus some bacon) here it is! Slow Cooker Bacon Garlic Pork Loin

To make this deliciously easy meal, we start by preheating the oven to 375 degrees. Mix 1/4 cup canola oil, salt and pepper with sliced carrots and potatoes and put onto a sheet trayJust 6 ingredients and less than an hour are all that separate you from this awesome caramelized Brown Sugar Garlic Pork and roasted vegetables.
Mix 1 tbsp canola oil, brown sugar, garlic and rub all over pork loin.  Just 6 ingredients and less than an hour are all that separate you from this awesome caramelized Brown Sugar Garlic Pork and roasted vegetables.
Roast the pork for 40-50 minutes, or until a meat thermometer registers at 150 degrees in the center of the roast. At the same time, roast the vegetables and leave them in to finish cooking while the pork rests outside the oven. Let the pork rest for 5-10 minutes. Just 6 ingredients and less than an hour are all that separate you from this awesome caramelized Brown Sugar Garlic Pork and roasted vegetables.
Remove vegetables from oven and serve with sliced pork. Just 6 ingredients and less than an hour are all that separate you from this awesome caramelized Brown Sugar Garlic Pork and roasted vegetables.

An easy meal, ready to roast in just a few minutes. Sticky and sweet with a punch of garlic, this pork loin is sure to be a huge hit with your family. Serve it up with some roasted carrots and potatoes on the side for a healthy balanced meal that is ready start to finish in 45 minutes!

Here’s a video of the recipe too!

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Brown Sugar Garlic Pork with Carrots & Potatoes

  • Yield: 4
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 45 minutes
  • Total Time: 50 minutes
  • Course: Main Course
  • Cuisine: American
  • Author: Sabrina
Just 6 ingredients and less than an hour are all that separates you from this awesome meal with caramelized Brown Sugar Garlic Pork and roasted vegetables.


  • 2 lb pork loin trimmed of excess fat
  • 4 garlic cloves minced
  • 4 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon canola oil
  • 2 lbs carrots peeled and sliced
  • 2 lbs potatoes scrubbed and cut into 1 inch chunks
  • 1/4 cup canola oil for vegetables
  • salt and pepper to taste


Note: click on times in the instructions to start a kitchen timer while cooking.

  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Mix 1/4 cup canola oil, salt and pepper with sliced carrots and potatoes.
  3. Mix 1 tbsp canola oil, brown sugar, garlic and rub all over pork loin.
  4. On one large cookie sheet, put down some foil and add the carrots and potatoes.
  5. Spread apart the vegetables to make an opening in the pan for the pork.
  6. Add the pork to the pan.
  7. Roast the pork and vegetables for 40-50 minutes, or until a meat thermometer registers at 150 degrees in the center of the roast.

  8. Open your oven and remove the pork onto a plate or cutting board to let it rest and cover it with a piece of foil.
  9. Let the pork rest for 5-10 minutes, then remove the veggies from the oven once you are ready to serve the pork.

  10. This allows them to finish cooking while only using one pan and makes sure they are hot when the pork has rested.

Nutrition Information

Yield: 4 , Amount per serving: 676 calories, Calories: 676g, Carbohydrates: 62g, Protein: 55g, Fat: 23g, Saturated Fat: 3g, Cholesterol: 147mg, Sodium: 303mg, Potassium: 2595mg, Fiber: 12g, Sugar: 22g, Vitamin A: 757.8g, Vitamin C: 48.7g, Calcium: 17g, Iron: 57.7g

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Dinner then Dessert TIPS Not a fan of pork? Make this with chicken and bake in the oven for 15-18 minutes at the same temperature. Also, this glaze is super sticky! Do yourself a favor and roast the pork on a sheet of foil!

Just 6 ingredients and less than an hour are all that separate you from this awesome caramelized Brown Sugar Garlic Pork and roasted vegetables.

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An easy meal, ready to roast in just a few minutes. Sticky and sweet with a punch of garlic, this pork loin is sure to be a huge hit with your family. Serve it up with some roasted carrots and potatoes on the side for a healthy balanced meal that is ready start to finish in 45 minutes!

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  1. That looks like a delicious dinner and it’s so different from what I normally serve! I think my family would love this and you have made it look so easly to make!

      1. Made this tonight. Loved it! I added some onion and celery to the vegetables. Thank you for such an easy and quick dinner recipe.

    1. My family and I loved it!!! I actually made this at my sisters one night intending to bring it back to my mom n dad……Let’s just say it never made it home my niece n nephew loved it, especially the glazed veggies!!!! You know how hard it is to get a 18, and 22 year old to put veggies on their plate?? lol They’re worse than little kids cause they think they’re so grown. Thanks for a tasty recipe!

      1. It’s great that they liked the veggies so much. I can’t imagine children who don’t love veggies. Mine are 24 and 21 and my daughter refused to eat meat even as a very young child. In 24 years I think she has had chicken maybe six times in her life and that is the only meat she has ever eaten. My 21 year old son will eat anything that you put in front of him. Needless to say I have never had any problems with them eating veggies. (Gasp, my kids even very young has loved tofu as well).

  2. That looks so spectacularly yummy! I’m going to make it this weekend. I’m sure it’s going to be a hit!

  3. That looks amazing! I’m going to try this with chicken and see how it turns out. We’re kosher, so no pork for us.

    1. I made the pork roast and added some sage….YUM! I had some thawed chicken breasts and used the extra rub… Really great!!! Kids loved it too.

        1. Yes, definitely for an hour, maybe a bit longer, like an hour and 15 mins. For a roast that size you would want to keep a thermometer handy.

  4. What a wonderful looking meal. I have a pork tenderloin in the freezer that I should thaw to make this. I pinned it too so I can find it later. =)

    1. I was wondering about using Pork tenderloin, also, since there are only two of us. Would I decrease the cooking time, or do the veggies slightly longer than the meat? Sounds delicious!

      1. You can still use the flavoring but would need to adjust the cook time. I would stick to 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes/per pound. Enjoy!

    1. It is so often overlooked in favor of chicken for us. I have to make an effort to remember to buy it too.

  5. This dish sounds delicious and ideal for a hearty homecooked meal. I am so excited to hear about your upcoming e-book too!

  6. Oh I love pork and yet never thought of this type of glaze. It sounds amazing… and I will definitely be giving it a try 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  7. Oh wow, amazing as always. What I wouldn’t give to have dinner at your place just once! Wowie! Looks great!

  8. The picture adds to the appeal of this recipe. It’s nice to have the option of using pork or chicken. I agree with you, Thursday is sort of a disappointment when you want it to be Friday.

        1. The size of the roast I used about a pound and a half and it was the pork loin. If you were to use a tenderloin and roast it for the same amount of time it would be super dry. The flavors certainly can be used on any cut of meat, but to cook the tenderloin I would stick to 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes. You’d have to roast the vegetables for longer, but certainly it can be done. 🙂

          1. I have a pork tenderloin that 4.25 lbs. I’m really looking forward to trying your yummy recipe. How long and what temp would you suggest?

          2. For a tenderloin that size, I would recommend cooking it 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours at 425 or until the meat thermometer reads 145-160 degrees. Hope this helps!

  9. Now that is how you cook pork! Dang I can taste it already! I like to do a lot with Pork because it is so much cheaper than beef. This is definitely a recipe I have to put to use next week! We have pork scheduled for Tuesday!

    1. Yes! It is a fun deviation from chicken at roughly the same prices. I love cooking with pork, especially in the summer.

  10. That looks delicious. I was struggle with finding ways to make pork and this one looks easy and something the whole family would like.

  11. That’s a nice hearty meal. Just like the one my family likes when they come home from a busy day of going going going!

  12. This looks so delicious. I will have to try making this recipe this weekend. I am sure my family will love it.

  13. This would be a fantastic meal. It looks so delicious and easy to make. I am going to try this recipe for sure.

  14. oh my this looks delicous! Within the last few years I developed a severe chicken allergy, pork has been a lifesaver. Thanks for sharing a new way for me to enjoy it!

  15. Oh my gosh that looks SO yummy! We tend to have a schedule of the same meals.. Would love to add something like this in for something a bit different!

  16. I plan on making this tonight, but in order to save on cost and the fact there are only 2 of us who will eat it, I got loin chops. The loins were like $15 as they were all pretty large. I will also be making separate sides (sweet potatoes and green beans). Do you think there is an adaption for just cooking chops like this? I’m wondering if I can rub them down and use twine to tie them into a loin and cook it the same way or if I should just bake them in a Pyrex laid out individually. If you have any suggestions as far as cooking temp and time that would be greatly appreciated.

    1. To be honest if they are thick enough, I would sear on super high heat in a cast iron skillet then add the topping over the chops and finish it in the oven. Since it has sugar in it, it will caramelize fairly quickly. I would do it at 400 degrees, and depending on the thickness maybe 5-7 minutes in the oven? Are these chops with or without bone?

      You can also try and tie it together, but you’d have to do a pretty good job of holding it all together to get it to cook evenly.

      1. I didn’t see your response before starting dinner. I ended up stacking them together (4 in thick boneless chops) like a roast with no tie (I only had a tiny piece left so I went without). I used a small baking dish so they stood up on their sides. I used same temp and time as your recipe. I will do it by searing them next time and then putting them in the oven as the 2 inner pieces were still a little too pink in the center. It worked for this occasion because I served the 2 outer pieces and the other 2 pieces are left overs. This way they won’t be over done when re-heated. Thank you!! Great recipe! Picky pork chop husband loved them!

        1. Wonderful! I am so glad it worked out! And yes in the reheating those will cook to temperature and not be over done! What a wonderful unintended silver lining!

  17. Sabrina – this looks so wonderful. I have used brown sugar and sliced potatoes before with pork chops and mushroom soup. Sounds weird, but really good. I am sure this will be fantastic. I am going to go out on a limb and fix this for Christmas Eve dinner for a few neighbors. it sounds simple enough. I am also having a turkey breast, so they have a choice. Hopefully they can cook in the oven together, otherwise will use my Ninja. Love this. Making scalloped potatoes but will definitely make some carrots as well. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

    1. I made it with pork loin, I would cook for 45-50 minutes and check the temp at that point. I look for 150-160 degrees as a rule of thumb for pork. If you want to email me directly would be happy to discuss further too 🙂 [email protected]

  18. Pork was fabulous – if you only have one oven – put the veggies in about 45 minutes earlier and baste the veggies every 15 minutes. Yummy, healthy winter dinner! Thank you!

  19. Going to make this tonight but wrap in bacon also. Will deff let everyone know how it turns out! Thanks for the idea love how simple it is so I can watch football with the boys and not worry!

  20. My 1.6 lb pork loin also didn’t cook in 30 minutes – I’m on 1 hour right now and I’m hoping it’s done so I can eat before getting my infant ready for bed! It was only at 99 degrees after a half hour. It smells great, though!

    1. Erin, you’ve been cooking the 1.6 pound loin for 1 hour and it isn’t to temperature yet? Let me know how this turned out for you, I suspect there maybe your oven may be running a little cool? If you want to email me ([email protected]) I’d be happy to troubleshoot with you too. Hope dinner makes it on the table in time, I have a newly minted toddler who would be very unhappy about a late bedtime too.

    1. Nope! No need to sear or wrap it. The glaze has sugars in it that will help caramelize the roast and wrapping it would steam it. Hope you love it!

  21. Your directions could be a bit clearer, am I intended to roast the pork in the same pan as the veggies?

    no dish is mentioned for the pork, so i assume i am? but then what is the deal with the foil in the picture?

    do i cover the pork or not? am i supposed to have two ovens for this? are both dishes meant to be in the oven at once? and if so does it matter what one is on the top rack and what one on the bottom?

    1. Hey Justin,

      Sorry for the confusion. I make the recipe a couple of times a month and always roast together. When I made the dish for the post I used a cookie sheet that was too small instead of my normal sized one so I didn’t have space for the pork. The pork and the veggies are definitely roasted together and uncovered. I’ll add some clarity to the instructions too. Hope you enjoy it.

  22. This recipe looks like melt in your mouth delicious. Is it true that the meat is done and tender in only 30 minutes? I usually cook a pork loin quite a bit longer.

    1. I would say 95% of the time it is done in exactly that long for me, other times maybe a few minutes more, but yes, a pork loin doesn’t need that long 🙂 and thanks!

  23. I think the time for this is for a tenderloin not a loin roast. Mine took a little over an hour for a slightly larger than 2 lb loin(boneless)

    1. I’ve made it with a tenderloin, it took about five minutes less but my tenderloin was doubled up and tied together to form a thinner version of a loin cut.

      It also depends on how “done” you like your pork I guess. I go for a hint (and I mean a hint, haha) of pink in the middle so it doesn’t dry out and I use an infrared thermometer in my oven. The timing is pretty exact, but I know oven times can vary which is why I would definitely suggest going by doneness. I’m glad you enjoyed it though!

  24. This looks absolutely yummy! Was wondering if this could be adapted for the crock pot? My crock pots(I have 2) are my favorite kitchen appliance. I absolutely love the taste of food after it’s cooked all day. Not to mention the how the yummy smells fill the air.

    1. What cut pork would you be using? A loin? The thing about putting the loin in the slow cooker is that it is naturally a lean cut of pork. So the longer it stays in the slow cooker it is going to dry out. Now if you used pork shoulder and added the rest of the ingredients to it and put it in the slow cooker with no additional liquids, I think you’d have a fantastic meal!

  25. I was wondering what green herb you used to garnish this dish. It looks really delicious. I am nervous about making it, because my pork loin is usually dried out, but I’m going attempt it with your directions and see how it goes. Thanks!

  26. Yum! I made this last night and it was delicious – husband approved! I ended up using two sheet pans one for veggies and one for the pork and I’m glad I did – the juices from the pork mixed with the brown sugar to bubble up into a sort of foam which started to bubble over the edge of the pan, so I just transferred it to another pan with clean foil which solved the burning bubbling sugar-juice problem 🙂

  27. I just made this for the second time. Followed your directions exactly, with total success. Not only is it delicious, is rather dramatic. Here’s what happens the first time you make it: The aroma wafts through the house and is…different, no one can quite put their finger on it. They come. They sniff, they ask. Noses wrinkle. Brown sugar? And garlic? Ewww… They pick. Taste. Sample. Pick some more. You perch at the kitchen island and check your iPhone for messages. Fingers are replaced with plates and forks. You scroll and try not to look smug. The second time was just as much fun, I was practically fluffing my hair. Ha! And it was so easy! Love it. Thanks!

  28. I had a pork sirloin that was exactly 2 lbs. (Is that the same as loin?) The veggies were done after 45 min, but the pork needed about twice that long. Bummer.
    What is the green herb/spice rubbed on yours in the picture? I don’t see that in the recipe.

    I don’t think I’ll put the veggies and meat on the same pan again. The “blobs” of pork fat got on the vegetables–eww!

    1. The sirloin is not the same as the loin – the loin is a leaner cut of meat, so it cooks more quickly, and won’t get fat on your vegetables. I’m not sure which spice you’re referring to, but the green on top is just parsley for color.

  29. Is that 25 min. total or per pound? We do not like our meat too well done so if this will cook it a good medium well we are good.

    1. This recipe was done with a cut of about a pound and a half, so the cook time is for the total amount. If your cut of meat isn’t too thick, it should come out a good medium like you’re looking for.

  30. This is currently in my oven and smells AMAZING! I signed up for your ebook too and am going to make all the recipes over the next 2 weeks. We are really boring when it comes to food and cuisines and I think this might be the ticket to get out of our chicken-beef-chicken rut! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  31. So sorry, this comment got snared in the spam filter somehow! What cut of pork were you using? Sometimes if the cut is thicker it may take longer to cook. Also, did the ingredients stay on the pork? I would think with such flavorful ingredients baked directly onto it, you’d have a very powerful flavor. If you want to troubleshoot I would be happy to go through the recipe in detail with you and see where it went wrong for you? My email is contact @ dinnerthendessert . com

    1. Yes! We make it in the slow cooker too, but you have to swap the cut of meat to a fattier cut. Think shoulder or butt instead of loin. If you used a loin you’d end up with pretty dry meat.

  32. Can I ask if your topping stayed on the pork? They’re pretty flavorful toppings, so I’m at a loss at how it could’ve lacked flavor. Would be happy to troubleshoot via email if you’d like? contact @

    1. It’s hilarious I just caught this comment now (sorry your comment totally got snared somehow by the spam filter). I made this recipe for dinner on Friday and my husband came home with chops instead of the loin. I sent him back to get the loin instead. You can make it as chops but the chops will dry before the coating has a chance to fully cook down and caramelize, I would highly suggest using the loin.

  33. I have a 5 lb pork tenderloin that I would love to try this recipe with. How long and at what temperature do you suggest I cook the pork? Also, should I double the recipe then for the brown sugar glaze?

    1. Yes double the glaze and I would say cut the cook time down by half (then start checking for doneness), tenderloins are so narrow and have no layer of fat to protect them so it may dry out quickly.

  34. Hi! I wanted to make this tonight and was wondering if I can substitute evoo for the canola oil. It’s what I have. I’m super excited about making this… It looks delicious!

    1. Sorry this comment took so long to get to, it ended up in my spam filter somehow! Sure you can, maybe if possible do a mixture of olive oil with another oil that has a higher burning temperature though.

  35. This dish was easy and quick to make, though the pork didn’t have a lot of flavor. However, the vegetables were delicious, as they had roasted in the fat and sugar of the meat. I stirred in a capful of maple syrup with the vegetables and, between that and the brown sugar, they tasted like Thanksgiving!

    1. Sorry this comment took so long to get to, it ended up in my spam filter somehow! Try this recipe: //

  36. I want to make this with 1.28 lbs of already sliced pork loin? I’m not sure how long I should cook it. Wouldn’t the vegetables take longer to cook than the sliced pork loin?

    1. Sorry this comment took so long to get to, it ended up in my spam filter somehow! Sorry I just found a huge number of comments over the last three months that was snared in the spam filter and I am trying to follow up with each one now even though in your case I am way too late to help. That being said I wouldn’t use presliced loin because it would dry out. Did you try it? How did it turn out?

  37. The greatest solution to wrangle the lego problem is, get a bed sheet queen or king and place all the legos on the sheet, let the kids play on the floor on the sheet. When finished pull up the sheet, legos and all, and place in a large rubbermade tub, put the lid on and they are out of sight and contained till next time.

  38. This sounds and looks so good but all I have is thin sliced boneless pork chops, how would you recommend tweaking it to work for those ?

    1. Sorry this comment took so long to get to, it ended up in my spam filter somehow! I made a slow cooker version here:

  39. I’m going to be using a 3 lb pork sirloin to make this tonight. How long should I cook it? Will I need to change the oven temp?

    1. Sorry this comment took so long to get to, it ended up in my spam filter somehow! I’m sure this meal is long gone now, but no it needs to be the whole loin as the chops would dry out in the oven.

  40. I know that this is an old post so I’m not sure if you’ll see this but I found this recipe on Pinterest and made it tonight. I made it exactly according to your directions and none of the brown sugar rub stayed on the pork. All of it ended up on the foil which caused a lot of the potatoes to stick to it. Super bummed because it smelled delicious and I was very excited to eat it. The veggies had good flavor because of the rub but the pork loin was flavorless. I would like to try this again but don’t know what to do to keep the rub on the pork. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    1. Sorry this comment took so long to get to, it ended up in my spam filter somehow! I would love to trouble shoot with you. This is the most popular recipe on the site. Want to email about it? It could be something as simple as the cut of meat, did you have a flat top where the fat cap is? If you find it is sloped you can cut a bit of a criss cross pattern in the fat and press the seasonings into the top of it. If you want to email I am always available, contact @

    1. Sorry this comment took so long to get to, it ended up in my spam filter somehow! I don’t cover it, but if you find it browning too much you can sort of tent foil around the pork.

  41. Thank you so much for this easy meal this is only my 2nd time making tenderloin so I hope this come great it looks delicious!

    1. I would suggest this version for your slow cooker instead, the bacon helps shield the lean cut of pork from drying out: I made that recipe to be a slow cooker version of this one. 🙂

  42. Hi, I’m going to make this tonight but I’m wondering if the garlic doesn’t get a bad taste for being cooked for so long, am I worrying for nothing?

    1. The brown sugar does a pretty good job of insulating it. I love garlic and hate bitter burnt garlic and we make this recipe at least 1 time a month. 🙂

    1. So sorry this message got snagged in my spam filter! Sorry your recipe turned out dry this is the most popular recipe on the whole blog. Can I ask what cut of pork you used?

  43. I found this lovely recipe on pinterest- tried it that day, and honestly- I love it!
    I wanted to share it with my followers and I’ve linked back to your site.

    This will be a new favorite in my family! Thanks for this!

    1. It may double your time needed in the oven. On average, it’s suggested 20 min per pound. I would just keep an eye on it and roast it until a meat thermometer registers at 150 degrees in the center of the roast. Hope this helps!

  44. Would I need to sear the sides first if I have a tenderloin instead of a loin? Also what temp and how long would a tenderloin take ?

    1. No need to sear it. The size of the roast I used about a pound and a half and it was the pork loin. If you were to use a tenderloin and roast it for the same amount of time it would be super dry. The flavors certainly can be used on any cut of meat, but to cook the tenderloin I would stick to 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes. You’d have to roast the vegetables for longer, but certainly it can be done. ?

  45. Hi this looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it. I was just wondering if you seared to pork before you put the glaze on? In the picture it looks as thought he pork has been seared first.

  46. I am a college student and absolutely love to cook and this recipe sounds delicious! I have a quick question, My pork loin is longer and thinner than the one pictured, will the cooking time be different? And also, do you roast the pork in the same pan as the veggies/potatoes? Or in separate pans? I am looking forward to trying this recipe!

    1. The cooking time may be shortened a bit because it’s not as thick so I would keep an eye on it and use a meat thermometer to help determine when it’s done. The wonderful thing about this recipe is that yes, you can make it all in one pan saving you some clean up 🙂

  47. Made this tonight and it was OUTSTANDING!! My husband raved over the carrots and potatoes – he HATES carrots. Even my picky son, tried one, but said he did not like it, which I expected. Liked potatoes, which is good for him, was worried about the garlic and I love garlic. That same picky son said he liked the garlic, so expanded his palette a bit. Definitely a keeper. Thank you!!

    1. Awesome! I know how hard it can be to please everyone but that’s great that you can encourage him to at least try it. I’m so happy you all loved it 🙂

  48. I used the “Print” option button. To my dismay, it printed 53 pages and included all the comments I have no need for in order to try this dish. Wasted lots of ink and paper. Just thought I’d let others know…Think twice before trying to print it out!

  49. I wanted to make this for Easter and have a 5.5 lb roast. How long should I cook it in the oven for? Looks yummy and can’t wait to try it! Thanks

    1. Oh no, I’m just now seeing your question. I’m so sorry. I would suggest cooking it at least 70 minutes. Just be sure to check using a meat thermometer that it has an internal temp of 150 degrees.

    1. Loved your vegetable additions! This dish is so easy to customize to your liking. Thank you for coming back to let me know how much you enjoyed it.

  50. Could this be done with a Boston butt? In the crock pot? Would I double the glaze recipe and just pour it over in crock pot?

    1. I would hesitate to say yes. Boston butt has a different fat content than the loin so it wouldn’t be the same. If you decide to try, I’d love for you to come back and let me know how it turned out for you.

  51. Hey, Sabrina! What a great name! 😉

    We are having this for dinner because…Thursdays. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    As far as legos, sheesh. We have tried so many different fixes, and some have worked for a time, some not so much. But playdoh? My kids can only play playdoh when I ok it, and that is never when the baby is awake. We also have a playdoh “mat” (it’s really just a vinyl tablecloth) that we spread on the floor. When it’s all said and done, the playdoh goes back into it’s rubbermaid box and I an take the tablecloth outside and shake it off. It works for us. I hope you find a fix!

  52. It looks so yummy which I will try cooking it this weekend.
    Did you actually bake it in the aluminium foil or you leave it uncovered?

    1. You’ll want to make sure it’s sealed with foil over the top. It will keep all the heat in from the boiling stock. Enjoy!

  53. Just made this and even my picky eater loved it! First time I ever had pork come out tender and juicy. Perfect weekday meal. Thank you!

  54. My roast pork, potatoes and carrots have been in the oven for an hour and 15 minutes and the vegetables are still hard. I am not sure the pork is done either.

    1. Oh no! Were you able to check the doneness with a meat thermometer? Feel free to email me at contact @ dinnerthendessert .com and we can try to troubleshoot what may have been the issue. It’s definitely a favorite in our house and a tried and true method.

  55. Okay, so this is going to sound crazy…Is there anything I can substitute for the brown sugar? I’m looking for an easy oven pork roast recipe, but my hubby won’t go for “sweet meat.” Suggestions?Other than find another recipe, lol 🙂

    1. Well, you could leave out the brown sugar but it would change up the flavor. You could also use honey instead but I’m not sure if that’s still falls into the “sweet meat” category for him. Have you checked out my Slow Cooker Cuban Mojo Pork recipe?

  56. Im trying this at the firehouse with a 4lb roast. Do i need to pull the veggies out early and will the garlic burn with an 80-90 minute cook time?

  57. I’m hoping to make this for dinner tomorrow night. It sounds great! Any idea if I can prep everything in the morning, then leave it in the refrigerator for my husband to slide into the oven? He gets home nearly 2 hours before me!

    1. So sorry it took a bit to get to your comment but you could definitely put this together the night before. Just know though that from being in the refrigerator, your cook time may be a bit longer. Enjoy!!

  58. I’m using a pork shoulder for this recipe. Covered with foil for the first half and then I’ll remove it?? EEK!! Just hoping the garlic won’t burn. I also added extra spices as I saw on pintrest. ? a bit if cayenne pepper, garlic powder, fajita seasoning (? my hubby will love that! ) and the brown sugar with fresh garlic. But yours was my inspiration!
    Cross your fingers for me!!! ?

    1. Cat, the cooking time is based on a pork loin which is significantly smaller than a pork shoulder. If cooking a pork shoulder I would recommend reducing the temperature and cooking for a much longer time period to break down the fat and make sure you have a tender roast.

  59. Pork needs to be cooked thoroughly @ 165 degrees in order to kill any bacteria that may be lurking!!! 150 degrees will not cut it!!! Please do NOT cook your pork to 150 degrees… 165 or better!!!
    Chicken is 165° as well.
    Beef can be cooked to 145°
    This post should be altered so no one gets sick!!!
    I just made this mistake and my husband who works along side a chef at our local university nearly had a fit when he saw this!!!!
    Cook your meat to the proper temperature!
    I pulled it out of the oven at 150° and ate some because I trusted this post. Hopefully I don’t get sick!!! ??

    1. Cat, thank you for your concern, and for the concern of all the other readers on the site. I am in fact certified as a ServSafe Manager and have been a private chef for eight years.

      I am fully confident in my recommendation for the cooking temperature of this recipe. Please review the National Pork Board’s Temperature Recommendations here: or the USDA’s recommendations here:

      I hope this will alleviate any fears you have of me making you or any other readers sick from the cooking temperature recommendations.

      Also, chicken should always be cooked to that temperature, I would never suggest anyone try and cook chicken any less than fully cooked.

  60. I found your site today and tried this recipe…..AND AM I GLAD I DID!!!!!! This was a huge hit for tonight’s dinner (even tho it’s Monday..haha). Thanks for a great recipe that I will make again and again! Subscribed to your newletter and checking out your other recipes now. Thank you again for sharing!

    1. Sorry I don’t have the nutritional facts for recipes on the site but I know there are a lot of free resources on the internet from when I’ve cooked for clients with low calorie diets.

  61. This was the best pork loin recipe that I’ve ever made! The carrots needed an extra minute, but I may have just cut them too big. Either way, it was delicious!

  62. This was a fabulous meal my whole family loved! The combination of garlic and brown sugar complimented the pork perfectly as did the veggies. (I added sliced onion and sweet peppers. ) Will definitely make this often! Thanks for the recipe.

  63. I have this in the oven right now and it smells heavenly!  I used a tenderloin as it’s what I had in the freezer.  Thank you for the recipe!

  64. I just used the rub recipe on a half of a pork tenderloin that still had some fat on it. Tossed some apple slices in the pan with extra brown sugar sprinkled on. Came out super delicious. Wanted to report that I cooked my tenderloin at 375 for 40 minutes and it came out perfect and juicy, not overcooked at all like some of the previous comments said it might, though perhaps the liquid from the apples helped. Very tasty though! My boyfriend who “doen’t like pork” LOVED this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sounds like you customized this to perfection! I love to hear when someone who claims to not like something is won over by a meal. I’d definitely call that a winner!!

    1. Wow, that’s a big loin! When do you want me over for dinner, haha?!? I would caution you to keep an eye on it while it’s in the oven. You may need to tent it with foil at some point so it doesn’t brown too much from the extended cook time. I also would do the veggies separate so they don’t become overcooked.

  65. Made this tonight. Was very good. But the glaze didn’t stick to the pork that well. This was not necessarily a bad thing. The veggies were amazing, so much so my boyfriend wants them again by then selves. My question is what would you suggest to just make those? Also do you think using a small spiral ham instead of the pork tenderloin would work? How would you change if?

    Loved this, it will become a staple.

    1. I’m so glad you loved it! If you want to just make the veggies by themselves, I would cook them for about 25-30 minutes. As far as substituting with a spiral him, I wouldn’t recommend it. I would suggest using my recipe for Honey Baked ham but using this rub instead and cook the veggies by themselves. Just make sure that the garlic doesn’t scorch during the cooking process.

  66. I am going to try to make this tonight for my family! My sons are picky eaters ( 3 year old only eats chicken nuggets) and my husband is a creature of habit. especially for trying new recipes. Question, would green beans work for vegetables? You put the veggies on the cookie sheets and put the rub on them as well as the pork? Still working on my cooking! Sorry if thats a silly question!

    1. So sorry for the delay! Life has been crazy!! Not sure if it helps too much now since you’ve already made it but if you’re going to substitute green beans as the veggies, I would just add them in for the last 20 minutes. They don’t need to be cooked as long as carrots and potatoes. I hope it all turned out well and your picky eaters approved!

  67. I shared this recipe with my husband for a dinner party. He was concerned the veggies would be dry because many times that has happened. How can I be sure they will be moist and tender, cuz if they don’t turn out that way, I won’t here the end of it. LOL

  68. Its in the oven!! Smells incredible !! After researching many recipes this one…with all its comments won me over….will let you know

  69. Sabrina, Playdoh, lay out a mat under the table and let them go at it. I used a plastic table cloth. They also make products that turn gum and play doh into powder that can be vacuumed rt up. Lego’s ~ ouch! All part of parenting. Haha. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Someday playdoh messes and lego pains will become the “good times” you’ll miss with all your heart ?
    Making this pork tonight for my 21 yr old who I wish was still little. 

  70. GREAT recipe. I used 4 pork loin strips, wrapped in bacon, tied up and covered in rub. I’ll make more next time to put a bit inside the roll. I served green beans and gravy on the side. Absolutely delicious blend of sweet, salty and garlic. Thank you for posting a version without the slow cooker!

  71. This was just Sooo great…my husband devoured it….a little left…best way to ‘re heat??
    I will make this many times ….so moist. Giving recipe to my sister and daughter…. thank you thank you…just so yummy just perfect followed tour recipe exactly….perfect

  72. Fabulous! Entire family of five loved it, including 3 adolescent boys. All ingredients on hand. I threw in a wedged onion with the potatoes and carrots. It’s on our delish list to be made time and time again! Thanks for sharing.

  73. WOW… This was so delicious. I made it exactly how it’s written and it was so tasty. The brown sugar and garlic together were perfect. I’m excited that I have leftovers for my lunch tomorrow.. YUM YUM YUM.. I will be making this again!! 

  74. Made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! My 12 year old said this is the best meal I have made (he loves my cooking) so this was a real compliment. Will definitely make this again!! Thanks for sharing!

  75. Made this tonight. I cooked a 3 lb pork tenderloin for 60 minutes took it out and turned the oven off for the 10 minutes then put it back in the still warm oven to keep warm for another 20 minutes until my husband got home from work. I should have put more rub on it. The flavor was good, but not enough, and my meat was tough. I may have cooked it too long. When it was 150 it still looked pink and it made me think it wasn’t done. My kids don’t like carrots so I just did only the potatoes and they we amazing. My family all said they wanted me to try it again. That is a good sign. I have 1 question. When you take the meat out and leave the vegetables do you turn the oven off or keep it on? I turned mine off.

  76. I was using a 1- 2 lb pork loin roast, labeled Mojo Garlic wrapped with bacon strips, that needed to jazzed up a bit for family dinner. Adapted your recipe ingredient of brown sugar on the pork loin (already had garlic on it). With no carrots, I had to add green pepper chunks, whole onion chunks, several cut garlic pieces and halved small baby Dutch yellow potatoes to the vegetable mixture. All roasted nicely with tastes we enjoy.

  77. Wondering how to get the brown sugar to stay on pork. Mine just melted off and burned on the foil. The meat was tender and moist and the juices were good but the sugar part seems to have been mostly wasted.

    1. I would recommend patting down the pork with paper towels before applying the rub. Sounds like there was too much moisture on it to allow the rub to stay. Hope this helps!

  78. Unfortunately, this just didn’t work out the way I was hoping. All of the brown sugar dripped off into the pan. It added a nice flavor to the veggies, but unfortunately didn’t add anything to the pork. I prepared the pork the way I usually do, trimmed it down, patted it dry, and added the seasoning all over.

  79. I made this tonight and neither the pork nor the potatoes (didn’t have carrots) developed any color or crust. I would up the temp to 425 as that is how I usually roast my veggies. Taste was so-so.

  80. I have been trying to download the e-book 5-10-30 and all I get is the front of the book What am I doing wrong?

    1. So sorry you’re having issues with it. There should be a link in your welcome email but you can email me directily at contact @ dinnerthendessert .com
      and I can help you out.

    1. Sorry I don’t have the nutritional facts for recipes on the site but I know there are a lot of free resources on the internet from when I’ve cooked for clients with low calorie diets.

  81. Made this for dinner on Saturday. It was fast prep, 40 min cook on pork loin was perfect. The veggies were not overly sweet and did not need any additional attention. It was dinner that night, lunch the next day and dinner on Sunday. This is a keeper.

  82. could I possibly do this with pork chops instead of porkloin bc its from the loin. I just wanna save money on meat and there is a sale on chops and the loin is more expensive. could i jsut follow recipe with chops in center and cover all over the individual chops with the oil, brown sugar, garlic? Would that be good inside? Whats what I get if I rub all over chops.. Just wanting to save a few bucks but not skim on flavor. Boyfriend really wants to try this.

    1. For a roast that size, you’ll want to cook it for 1 hour 20 minutes-1 hour 40 minutes or until a meat thermometer registers at 150 degrees in the center of the roast.

  83. Hi,

    I haven’t cooked a pork loin before, and was wondering if you need to trim all the fat for this recipe, or just some of it? Thanks!

  84. HI Sebrina,

    Having trouble leaving you a message. This will be my third attempt. I want to make your recipe for a party of 10. I have two pork loin roasts each weighing just under 3#. How long should I roast them for and at what temperature?

    1. So sorry about your question. It was caught in my spam filter.

      You’ll want to make sure that you cook them on a baking sheet and ensure they’re fully separated and each have space. It’ll take longer to cook but I would recommend using a meat thermometer to ensure that they’re both done. It might take an extra 30% more time in the oven than the recipe calls for. I hope this helps!

  85. Made this last weekend and we loved it. Added more of our favorite veggies, sweet onions,greenpeppers and celery. I also added more brown suger glaze to the veggies.
    The pork was spot on tender, Will make this for our favorite guests.

  86. Wow, Amazing, thank for sharing the wonderful information regarding brown sugar garlic pork with carrots potatoes, we are a big foodie but somehow we left it because of the work but I will try some recipe form it by myself surely then I will tell you how it is but you are too good to keep continuing good work.

  87. Just made this for dinner tonight (minus the veggies) and it was delish! I don’t know how many pounds my pork loin was (I cut it from a larger loin) but I had to cook mine for 70 minutes to get to 150 degrees…very tender and it was a hit with the fam! Will make again (with veggies next time).

  88. Sabrina — I made this — FABULOUS!! Ok, I changed a few things — couldn’t help myself. I studded the pork loin with slivers of garlic. The rub I made in a food processor, and added fresh rosemary. Then, I added sliced apples and mushrooms to the veggies. Can I tell you this dinner was to die for. Thanks for this recipe. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  89. The roast was only at 110 degrees after the suggested time and the potatoes were already completely done.
    Don’t count on this cooking so quickly I you don’t have extra time to wait. Threw my whole meal schedule off.

    1. It’ll depend on the size but the best way is to use a meat thermometer to check for doneness (150 degrees in the center of the roast). Enjoy!

  90. I wanted to do the slow cooker pork loin with brown sugar garlic and bacon (cause who doesn’t love bacon) and looked up and due to cooking time, realized I didn’t have enough time – so I cooked the same recipe without the bacon, then laid the 1/2 length bacon strips (with 34 mins remaining on the cooking time) and it came out as beautiful and moist as in the picture- awesome meal!!! And super easy!!
    And I’m a non-cook!!!

  91. I have made the glaze from this recipe about five times now. It’s amazing how much flavor can result from something so quick and simple! Even with different veggies or other sides, this pork makes a showstopping centerpiece with huge flavor. Thank you so much for a recipe that’s in my regular rotation!

  92. I will be using a 5 lb roast. I saw in your previous comments you suggest possibly cooking it for around 90 minutes. Do I keep the veggies in there that entire time?

  93. Made this last night. Only change i made was i did petite potatoes instead of carrots and used a purple onion. Turned out great, will definitely make it again, and try it with chicken.

  94. I made this recipe using a small roast and it was amazing. How much longer would you have to roast the meat if you’re doing about a 8-10 pound loin? Doing it for Christmas Eve dinner.

    1. I would caution you to keep an eye on it while it’s in the oven. You may need to tent it with foil at some point so it doesn’t brown too much from the extended cook time. I also would do the veggies separate so they don’t become overcooked. You’ll want to reduce the heat to 350 degrees and cook it for 10 minutes per pound. Enjoy!!

  95. Well as an inexperienced cooker I would have like more instructions on how to do this in my case the video didn’t work so I went of the words which weren’t very helpful it didn’t take me an hour it took more like 2 or 3 and the surger burns a lot and it set off my fire alarms pretty easily but the taste was good I guess

  96. Just made this for dinner last night and it was a big WINNER, really was delicious!!!! Added apple sause as a extra side/dessert.
    5 Stars

  97. Love, Love this….I made it for dinner. So good the sweet and garlic was amazing. Every time I made a pork dish I feel like it dry leather. Thanks for a great recipe.