15 Breakfasts Worth Getting Out of Bed For!

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15 Breakfasts worth getting out of bed for including pancakes, coffee cakes, egg bakes and more! Don’t miss the lemon rolls!15 Breakfasts worth getting out of bed for including pancakes, coffee cakes, egg bakes and more! Don't miss the lemon rolls!

We’re headed out of town this weekend (through Tuesday)! Going to a winery to unwind and relax after the insane whirlwind of the first two months of the year so I’m leaving you with 15 breakfasts while I’m gone. This little blog had quadrupled in size since November and BloggerLegal.com launched after more man hours that we can count (the team behind Blogger Legal is a dream to work with!) and I’ve started putting together my book for the fall about food blogging….all while posting 5 recipes a week and two toddlers running around. <–Yes, that is a run-on sentence, but it only seems fitting!

So before life gets any crazier (and I have a feeling there are about to be more irons in the fire), we decided to escape for a quick trip to a beach/winery getaway for a few days. I’ll be back Tuesday morning with something delicious (hint hint Tin Roof Brussels ??) , but in the meantime I wanted to leave you all with some fun weekend breakfast ideas.

Yes, I will admit it ahead of time since you are about to discover it too, I pretty much ?? Cinnamon Roll flavors! Some of these recipes are able to be made ahead while others like the Classic Pantry Pancakes take just 15 minutes from when you start to when you’re eating!

  1. Ultimate Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake Tender, Rich Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake drenched in Cinnamon Swirl Icing. Easy to make, addicting to eat and perfect for your morning cup of coffee!
  2. Classic Pantry Pancakes Classic Pantry Pancakes made with basic pantry ingredients. You don't need to run to the store or let the batter rest for these amazing fluffy, delicious pancakes, you'll be eating in 15 minutes.
  3. Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars (Copycat) Starbucks White Chocolate Cranberry Bliss Bars are a delicious blondie cookie bar with white chocolate topped with sweet cream cheese icing, tart dried cranberries, and a sweet white chocolate orange drizzle.
  4. Creamy Lemon Crumb Bars Easy Creamy Lemon Crumb Bars with a quick oatmeal crumb base and a sweet and tart creamy lemon filling.
  5. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes Cinnamon-Rolls
  6. Sausage and Egg McMuffin Bake Your favorite fast food breakfast reimagined! Crispy, chewy English Muffins baked with eggs, breakfast sausage and cheddar cheese for a delicious egg bake that will be a hit with a crowd! Serve with maple syrup and a side of hash browns and skip the drive thru!
  7. Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnuts you know and love and now you can make them at home and eat them fresh without braving the lines or drive-thru.
  8. Triple Berry Sour Cream Crumbcake Triple Berry
  9. Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake Ready in just 30 minutes, this cinnamon roll coffee cake has all the same flavors as cinnamon rolls but with 5% of the effort!
  10. PB&J Uncrustables French Toast Bake Slice Angle Small
  11. Lemon Curd Sticky Rolls Lemon Curd Rolls
  12. Krispy Kreme Sour Cream Doughnuts Classic Sour Cream Doughnuts fried to perfection with a classic powdered sugar glaze just like at Krispy Kreme! No yeast makes these doughnuts easy to make and with festive sprinkles a fantastic Holiday brunch/party treat!
  13. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes Celebrate the winter holidays with these delicious gingerbread pancakes and cinnamon syrup. Ready to eat in less than 30 minutes these are part of our family tradition and will soon be a part of yours!
  14. NY Crumb Coffee Cake Delicious, classic NY Crumb Coffee Cake just like the kind you would find in your favorite coffee shop, a tender cake topped with large chunks of cinnamon sugar goodness!
  15. Krispy Kreme Double Glazed Oreo Cake Doughnuts These Krispy Kreme Oreo Cake Doughnuts are a fun play on the Krispy Kreme chocolate glazed cake doughnut and Oreo doughnut that is double glazed!

See you guys Tuesday bright and early!!


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