Slow Cooker Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches (Crack Chicken)

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Slow Cooker Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches, also sometimes referred to as “crack chicken” are made with bacon, cream cheese, chicken, cheddar cheese and ranch seasonings and they’re a family favorite!

We love using our slow cooker during the fall and winter months because the food that it makes is always so comforting, like our favorite Ultimate Slow Cooker Pot Roast and Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Garlic Chicken which are family favorites.

Slow Cooker Crack Chicken Sandwiches
Slow Cooker Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches

Crack Chicken may not be a term of endearment I’d use for this chicken but it is widely known by the name so we should at least mention it. Let’s refer to it here on out though at Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches, which I don’t know about you but that makes my mouth water.

The process of making this recipe is pretty hands off and fairly similar to the one used in making Buffalo Chicken Dip. The chicken and cream cheese and cheese and seasonings are all added to the slow cooker ahead of time. The only thing you have to add to your sandwich separately is the extra cheddar if you’d like it and the crumbled bacon.

Side Note: I know we’d love a dump and go crockpot crack chicken recipe but there’s no version of this that tastes good where you add the bacon to the crockpot. Just either buy crumbles or know you’re going to cook it off before making the sandwiches for the best flavors.

Slow Cooker Crack Chicken

We love slow cooker sandwiches on the site, I’m sure you’ve probably seen them. Here’s some of our favorites!


  • Use skinless meat: Use skinless and boneless meat so you don’t have a lot of extra fat in the recipe.
  • Season well: Since you’re adding all the seasonings in here and liquid will be a part of the results you want to season really well. in this case your packet of seasoning does the job for you but in other recipes make sure to season aggressively.
  • Thicken your sauce in the slow cooker: If you’re adding sauce to your sandwiches, warmed sauce is infinitely more delicious that cold bottled sauce and the meat will stay moist in the slow cooker with the added sauce. In this case the sauce the sauce comes with the recipe, but in general be sure to manage your liquids in the slow cooker.

Crockpot Crack Chicken

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Slow Cooker Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches

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  • Yield: 8 sandwiches
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 3 hours
  • Total Time: 3 hours 5 minutes
  • Course: Sandwich
  • Cuisine: American
  • Author: Sabrina Snyder
Slow Cooker Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches, also sometimes referred to as "crack chicken" are made with bacon, cream cheese, chicken, cheddar cheese and ranch seasonings and they're a family favorite!


  • 3 chicken breasts boneless skinless
  • 16 ounces cream cheese 2 boxes
  • 1 packet ranch seasoning
  • 1 cup cheddar cheese
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 8 slices bacon crumbled
  • 8 slices cheddar cheese
  • 8 hoagie rolls


Note: click on times in the instructions to start a kitchen timer while cooking.

  1. Add the chicken, cream cheese, ranch seasoning, cheddar cheese and garlic powder to a slow cooker and cook on low for 7-8 hours or on high for 3-4 hours.

  2. Toast the hoagie rolls, scoop on the chicken and top with cheddar slice and crumbled bacon.

Nutrition Information

Yield: 8 sandwiches, Amount per serving: 508 calories, Calories: 508g, Carbohydrates: 3g, Protein: 33g, Fat: 39g, Saturated Fat: 18g, Cholesterol: 163mg, Sodium: 846mg, Potassium: 533mg, Sugar: 1g, Vitamin A: 935g, Vitamin C: 1g, Calcium: 164g, Iron: 1g

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  1. So I’m new to the whole crockpot thing, Please don’t laugh, but do you add the ingredients as pictured? OR do you stir it all together? Do I need to stir at all while cooking?

    1. That’s a valid question so don’t even worry. I kept most of the ingredients separate in the picutre just to show exactly what goes into the slow cooker but you can put the chicken on the botton and everything else evenly on top to cook. Once it’s done cooking, you can shred the chicken and combine with all the other ingredients in the slow cooker. Hope this helps!

  2. If you’re slow cooking this, don’t you have to cook the chicken with water, like a LOT of water? I don’t see that in the recipe. I’d like to try this recipe, it sounds yummy, but afraid this will scorch before it cooks….

    1. You only need the ingredients in the recipe card. The chicken will cook down and release liquid too so don’t be scared about it scorching. Hope this helps to put your mind at ease.

      1. I added about 1/4 cup water after the first 2 hours because it was starting to burn around the edges and it still came out nice and thick. But 7-8hours on low is way too long. I turned the crockpot off after about 5-6 hours because there was burnt cheese all around the outside and the chicken was fully cooked and shreddable by then. Haven’t tried it yet but it smells amazing.

    1. Sorry to confuse you, I was referring to adding a sauce to your chicken if you decide to make your own pulled pork chicken recipe. Everything for this recipe is already in the slow cooker.

  3. Made this today. A bit on the salty and rich side. My 12 year old daughter had an issue with the texture. My husband suggested putting raw onions on it. Not sure I’ll make again.

  4. This recipe is delicious. I had one sandwich with the crockpot chicken mixture and then tried it as a dip with potato chips, and it was amazing. I’m thinking it would be really good with pita chips or crackers too!

    1. Oh no! Next time, try seaparting it into smaller pieces in the slow cooker so it melts quicker and smoother. Hope this helps!

  5. I am cooking this right now. I was cooking it on high but after an hour and a half I had to turn it to low because the bacon was sticking to the sides of the Crock-Pot and I felt like it was making the chicken cook too fast. I guess because there’s no liquids in it. It smells fabulous and hopefully it’ll turn out ok with turning the temp down.

  6. Hmmm, this was very rich and had no acid to cut it. I would say underwhelming. Very easy to make. And WAY too much cream cheese. Came out very soupy. I would never put that on a piece of bread, it wouldn’t stay….That being said, I had to add (for mine) pickled jalapeneos and served this over chicken bouillon rice for my family. Not sure I would make this again I am very sorry if my critique is too honest. But, I will say, as a soupy thing, perfect for keto, just needs leafy greens and an acid to cut that richness.

  7. It is no longer socially acceptable to reference the term “crack” with anything other than the dilema of drugs and drug addiction. While people think it’s “cutesy” to use the term “crack”, it serves no function other than being self-serving to the user. In today’s national epidemic of drug addiction, use of that term for anything other than that I have mentioned is insensitive, irresponsible, and offensive to this individuals struggling with drug addiction.

    1. Chill out TIBBS! Political correctness is ridiculous! Everyone knows ( except you apparently) that it is a jokey term for really delicious things. You being offended by the name of a sandwich let’s me know that I seriously need to pray for you! Great recipe!

    2. Crack chicken comes from the Amish.
      I am married to someone 5 years clean from crack. A chicken recipe doesn’t have anything to do with using, or temptation. Not something worth getting ones undies all in a bunch.

      1. Thank you! My God, people are so hypersensitive.
        PS- I made this recipe and ate it with cucumbers and celery, as I’m following a low-carb lifestyle, and it’s amazing. Thank you for the post!.

        For those using an InstantPot- 8 minutes on high with 10 minutes NPR

    1. That portion of the post is making recommendations on if you want to make your own pulled chicken recipe not this recipe. You can add whatever bottled sauce you like to chicken to create your own pulled chicken. Sorry for the confusion.

  8. I made this recipe and it said to make sure to season the chicken well. This turned out very salty. What do you mean by seasoning the chicken? It seems to me I didn’t need to do that at all.

    1. So sorry for the confusion. The tips above were meant to be a guideline when making a pulled chicken recipe of your own, not this particluar recipe.

  9. We are two adults and a 6 year old. How can I cut this recipe in half without throwing off flavor? Typically a direct ‘cut in half’ isn’t the best solution. Thanks!

    1. You’ll be able to cut in half if you use a smaller slow cooker. You wouldn’t want to use a full size one because there will be too much surface space not being used that will allow everything to dry out and even scorch. I always keep my eye out for sales as I use a lot of slow cookers for my recipes or even entertaining. You can find smaller ones for around $10. That would be my suggestion especially if you plan on halving future recipes. Hope this helps!

  10. How many pounds of chicken do you use? I see the receipe calls for three chicken breast, but would be very helpful to know how many pounds you typically use. Thanks so much.

      1. Thank you for asking that question (about the weight of 3 chicken breasts – they vary greatly), Carla – I was reading the comments to the bottom before I asked it – but you did and Sabrina answered and I’ll be trying this very soon! Thanks again ladies and Happy Holidays!

  11. I made this for my family. I only had one pack of cream cheese, plus I thought two would make it too thick. End result was very salty taste. Should have gotten another package of cream cheese. If I do it again, I will only add 1/2 the ranch pack, and choose a maple bacon.

    1. I haven’t tested it yet, but I would assume you could. You might be able to find an online recipe with similar ingredients to follow as a guideline.

  12. Do you think there would be a problem making this with lowfat cream cheese to lighten it up a bit? It sounds delicious but I am trying to lose a few (okay a bunch) lbs.

  13. I use 4 large chicken breasts and 2 packets of fiesta ranch dressing and I use 2 containers of jalapeno cream cheese. Everybody loves it.

    1. I should’ve read your comment first. I’ll try this way next time, so far the original recipe is not a hit for us. The cream cheese is too much, too tart.

  14. I make this every two weeks because everyone in my house loves it and co-workers enjoy my sharing the next day!
    I don’t use cheddar cheese just the cream cheese ranch chicken and bacon but it’s amazing … easy easy easy and the leftovers are even better and simple to reheat – we even eat it as a dip with chips or as a rollup

  15. Stop it Judy! That is very unkind to make those remarks. We have enough negativity in our country. If it offended you, simply click out of this site. And you are wrong, you are easily offended. Sabrina keep up the good work. I know you put your heart and soul into recipes. Wishing you and loved ones a Blessed Christmas.

    1. I’ve never tested it but I’m sure you could find a recipe online with similar ingredients that use one and follow that. In the new year, I’ll start to have pressure cooker recipes on the site….stay tuned. 🙂

  16. I love the recipe. But I have to ask why would anyone attach the name of a deadly drug to your recipe? I can’t imagine a child asking their mother to make “Crack” chicken for dinner. I get the concept of “it’s so good it’s addictive” To me the the association of a delicious recipe having the title of “Crack” is promoting this drug. No matter how innocent and funny this may sound, it’s not. I’m not one to be offended easily, to each his own. But when you are promoting a deadly drug like “Crack” please think about who is listening. It’s wrong. Please stop.

    1. Seriously!? Its just the name she came up with. If you dont like it you can call it something else. Stop being so offended by something that doesnt matter.

    2. I agree with you, Judy, I hate the term “crack” used for foods that are addicting. It would be just as easy to come up with a better name. However, in all fairness, the author did say she called it that because it is commonly known by that name, but that she preferred to call it something else in the rest of the post?

    3. Promoting a deadly drug? Are you kidding?! Who said you had to call it that around your kids, and most parents probably don’t anyway! I wouldn’t use the word either, but dont say she is promoting a deadly drug! Get real.

    4. Perhaps the use of “crack” is felt a lot deeper than we think. Addiction is a serious matter and deeply personal for many folk. I’m sure the writer of the post did not intend any harm, and seemingly Judy does not as well. Rather, Judy you seem very passionate that people consider the reality that haunts many, directly and indirectly. Unfortunately, for those who are not feeling the pain of addiction, they may not be sensitive to the effects of the language. I get that. Help us to understand by sharing how the word perhaps affects you or others. I do hope that you’re okay.

  17. So far this site is a massive hit! I made these sandwiches yesterday and all three of my kids love them. In fact when I got home from work my youngest and pickiest eater had already took a chunk out of one of the chicken breasts. He said it smelled so good he just wanted to try it and then grabbed a plate full. Luckily, the chicken had been cooking for over 6 hours so was all the way done! I also made the Easy Mongolian beef dish that I found here the night before and remarkably all three of my kids loved it! And to be honest that just doesn’t happen.
    So now I’ve just got back from the grocery store and got two more slow cooker meals lined up that I found on this site. My dinner rotations for the family have been in a rut the last couple of years, and your site has got me excited about cooking again. Thank you so much, Sabrina!

    1. You can’t see me but I’m doing a happy dance right now!! This just made my day!!
      So glad you’re loving the site, Sonja!

  18. Your recipe says “8 slices cheddar cheese”, but the images reflect shredded cheese. Can you please provide another measurement for the cheddar cheese? Say ‘ounces’ or ‘tablespoons’? The recipe looks tasty. Thanks.

        1. I haven’t tested it so I’m not sure. You might be able to find an online recipe using one with similar ingredients and follow that as a guideline. Sorry, hope that helps.

  19. This really looks good, but does it have to go on a hoagie? My husband doesn’t like to many carbs so he doesn’t eat bread can I just serve it regular and have sides with it?

    1. That was just a suggestion when making a basic pulled chicken recipe in the slow cooker. You can customize it and add your own bottled sauce to flavor it differently. Hope this clears up any confusion. 🙂

  20. I am in love with this site and go to it daily for ideas, love using the crock pot and your recipes are easy and so flavorful. Thank you! Made this for my teenage daughters and pals and they LOVED IT. Also made the smashed red potatoes which were delish! Thank you Sabrina!

  21. I don’t like to cook but I will use the cock pot. If you could send me some recipes I will use my cock pot all most very day (chicken, roast, beef ). Easy recipes please the Easyer the better. Yes am lazy to cook ??

    1. I have a serious love affair with my slow cookers so I totally get it! This site has a bunch of recipes that are exactly what you’re looking for!

  22. Hi, I’m from the UK. I have never even heard of this before, however it looks so nice and I want to make it for my family. What side dish would I serve it with?

      1. FYI.. in the UK, biscuits are cookies. Do not eat this with cookies.. unless they are dessert? I’d go with a salad or crunchy coleslaw. The UK has no real equivalent of American biscuits. Scones, although similar in appearance arent the same at all.

  23. Good day, Sabrina! As usual, you have just great recipes, every time I go to your blog I have a feeling like I’m back in cooking school 🙂
    Where do you get ideas for all these recipes?

  24. I love any kind of ranch recipe, especially with chicken. We so have to try this! Do you know if you can make it into a freezer meal?