Thai Food

Take a culinary journey to the Land of Smiles without leaving your kitchen. With Thai food soaring in global popularity, there’s no surprise that many are looking to recreate the nation’s flavors at home. This collection from our International Cuisine, amongst others, is a feast for the senses, offering dishes that sing with sweet, sour, salty, and spicy notes—all hallmarks of authentic Thai cuisine.

For starters, no Thai meal is complete without the staple, jasmine rice. And speaking of staples, why not treat your taste buds to a classic Chicken Pad Thai? This quintessential stir-fried noodle dish has become a worldwide sensation, effortlessly blending sweet with salty, underscored by a delicate kick of spice. Or perhaps you’d prefer the depth of flavors found in Pad See Ew, a dish featuring wide rice noodles beautifully intertwined with Chinese broccoli and doused in oyster sauce.

But there’s more to Thai cuisine than just noodles. Dishes like Thai Basil Chicken showcase the vibrant nature of Thai flavors. Fresh basil, mingling with tender chicken morsels, proves that simplicity often leads to perfection. On the topic of poultry, our Thai Curry Chicken Wings and Baked Thai Peanut Chicken from the Main Dishes collection are a must-try, especially if you’re looking for a quick yet flavorful meal.

Seafood lovers can dive into our Thai Peanut Shrimp, where the succulent flavors of the ocean meet the creamy nuttiness of peanuts. Paired with sticky rice, it’s a match made in heaven. If you’re in the mood for some fiery green goodness, our Thai Green Curry offers a velvety, coconut-infused broth brimming with fresh veggies.

Speaking of greens, Thai cuisine doesn’t skimp on the salads. Thai Beef Salad, available in our Salad section, is a refreshing option, perfect for those warm evenings when you’re craving something light yet satiating. And if you’re up for a healthy meal, our Healthy Thai Peanut Chicken Zucchini Noodles is a fun twist, offering a low-carb alternative without compromising on taste.

For the more adventurous, Cold Thai Noodle Salad brings street food right to your plate. Speaking of street food, there’s nothing more authentic than sinking your teeth into Thai Peanut Chicken Wraps.

As you can see, this collection captures the essence of Thailand—a tapestry of flavors, textures, and aromas that beckon to be explored. So, gear up, gather your fish sauce, tamarind paste, and green curry paste, and let’s embark on a Thai culinary adventure like no other!

Happy cooking!