Tony Roma’s Inspired Coleslaw

Tony Roma's Cole Slaw - Sweet, Tangy, Delicious Cole Slaw with a hint of celery seed. Part of the perfect BBQ meal this summer!

Today is Memorial Day,  and to all of the men and women out there who have served in the military, a sincere thank you for everything you do that allows us to live freely and happily. Your sacrifices are brave and appreciated. I grew up in a small suburb just north of Los Angeles, near…

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Quick Jalapeno Alfredo Shrimp Pasta

A rich, spicy, creamy shrimp pasta for nights when you are looking for something special but quick and easy. 

As a kid my mom never cooked Alfredo pasta in our house. We used to eat pasta with a bit of olive oil, sliced garlic and feta cheese. So when I tried my first Alfredo pasta, I was completely in love. I mean what isn’t to love with a creamy, garlicky, pasta topped mounds of…

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Honey Bacon Baked Beans

These baked beans are sticky, salty [from the delicious bacon!] and sweet and a perfect addition to your BBQ or picnic

I don’t know about you, but I am a total sucker for BBQ parties, with the buffet of side dished to go with the grilled meats. Add in these beans with bacon, honey and a bit of brown sugar and I’m sold. Anytime we do ribs or grilled bbq chicken at the house or for…

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Honey Roasted Apples

Crispy while soft, sweet while salty, these Honey Roasted Apples are an absolute amazing side to a for pork, chicken and stuffed pastas.

As a chef clients will often ask me to recommend menus when I am working with them for dinner parties. Usually steak or seafood is requested but I would sometimes get a client who wanted pork for their main entree. My ears would perk up as this side is one of my favorite to make.

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