Dark Chocolate Magic Shell Ice Cream Bar

A take on the iconic Klondike Ice Cream Bar. Dark Chocolate Ice Cream dipped in Bittersweet Chocolate Magic Shell!

What would you dooooOOOooo for a Klondi … Dark Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Bar? 😉 This iconic ice cream bar is one I grew up eating and it was so popular in our house we would keep three packages of those delicious square bars in the house at all times. In fact the only other ice cream…

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Sweet Hawaiian Bread & Buns

Sweet Hawaiian Bread made with pineapple juice, it's sweeter than a brioche, with a super soft crumb. Perfect for French toast or burgers!

A sweet Hawaiian favorite made with pineapple juice, this bread tastes sweeter than a brioche, but with a very soft crumb. Growing up in Los Angeles means you are fortunate enough to enjoy a melting pot of different cuisines available to you at all times. Before moving to Sacramento, we lived in a neighborhood referred to…

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Halal Cart’s Middle Eastern Chicken and Rice

Halal Cart's boldly flavored Middle Eastern Chicken and fragrant Turmeric Rice with a spicy yogurt sauce.

I’ve visited NYC a handful of times and before the whole food truck craze exploded thanks to the genius that is  Roy Choi, there were food carts in NYC. This delicious chicken is from one of the most famous of the food carts, Halal Cart. The seasoned chicken and rice is served up to a…

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