Best Super Bowl Recipes!

With over 75 delicious recipes, this is the ultimate list of the best Super Bowl food! There are classic recipes like Buffalo Wings and Sloppy Joes and yummy twists on favorite Sunday football food like Philly Cheesesteak Cheese Dip. We also have plenty of snacks, appetizers, sides, main dishes, and lots (and lots) of the best dips for Super Bowl parties. Build your ultimate party menu with this mega list of recipes for Super Bowl Sunday!

The ultimate list of recipes for Super Bowl Sunday! Over 75 Super Bowl food ideas from appetizers, snacks, sandwiches, sides and lots of dips!

Superbowl Sunday Appetizers

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Game Day Dips

From cool, creamy dressings for your finger foods to warm, creamy melted cheese for pretzels to spicy, creamy Buffalo Chicken Dip, a bowl of dip is always a favorite Super Bowl Party dish. These great Super Bowl Dips are super delicious and super easy to make!

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Hot Dips


Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip tastes just like buffalo wings dipped in ranch dressing with just five ingredients. No mess and all the flavors you love!
Check out this recipe

Spinach Artichoke Dip Recipe

Ultimate Spinach Artichoke Dip is the perfect easy, cheesy holiday appetizer with three cheeses and frozen spinach, ready in 30 minutes!
Check out this recipe

Cheesy Beef Rotel Dip

Cheesy Beef Rotel Dip is spicy, creamy, and the EASIEST dip with only 3 ingredients in under 15 minutes! PERFECT for a party or game day!
Check out this recipe

Beer Cheese Dip

Beer Cheese Dip is the perfect Super Bowl party appetizer, with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, mozzarella, garlic, and beer.
Check out this recipe

Ultimate Bean Dip

Ultimate Bean Dip with refried beans, cream cheese, salsa, cheddar, and taco seasoning is the ultimate party dip, ready in only 5 minutes!
Check out this recipe

Philly Cheesesteak Dip

Philly Cheesesteak Dip is the ultimate party appetizer made flavorful with steak, bell peppers, Worcestershire sauce, cream cheese, and Velveeta cheese.
Check out this recipe
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Cold Dips & Dressings


Seven Layer Bean Dip

Seven Layer Bean Dip is the ultimate party dip, made with seasoned refried beans and layers of cheese, olives, sour cream, and more, and only takes minutes to throw together!
Check out this recipe

Ranch Dip

Ranch Dip is a delicious condiment you can make yourself, with mayonnaise, sour cream, buttermilk, chives, and spices.
Check out this recipe

Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip (Harry & David Copycat)

Sweet, tangy, and the tiniest bit of spice make this dip addicting and a hit at parties! You can also serve it poured over cream cheese or as a sauce on cooked chicken!
Check out this recipe

Easy Spinach Dip

Easy Spinach Dip is the ultimate party dip! Creamy dip in 5 minutes with spinach, water chestnuts, sour cream, cream cheese, and Knorr mix.
Check out this recipe

Blue Cheese Dressing

Blue Cheese Dressing that’s chunk and creamy and perfect for salads and dips. Better than any bottled version!
Check out this recipe

Clam Dip

Easy Clam Dip is a cold cream cheese clam dip recipe with canned clams, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and green onions made in minutes.
Check out this recipe

Bacon Cheddar Ranch Dip

Bacon Cheddar Ranch Dip is the perfect cold appetizer dip with ranch mix, cheddar, sour cream and bacon that will be a hit for game day celebrations!
Check out this recipe

Easy Guacamole

Easy Guacamole recipe for the perfect dip for tortilla chips with fresh avocados, tomatoes, cilantro, lime, and red onion ready in 5 minutes.
Check out this recipe

Cranberry Dip

Cranberry Dip is a delicious Thanksgiving appetizer that has a classic holiday flavor, with fresh cranberries, pecans, and cream cheese.
Check out this recipe

Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa is sweet, tangy, lightly spiced, and ready in minutes with mango, pineapple, red onion, bell pepper, cilantro, lime juice, and jalapeno pepper.
Check out this recipe

Corn Dip

Easy Cold Corn Dip is a creamy, cheesy appetizer made in minutes with sweet corn, cream cheese, sour cream, cheese, green chiles and peppers.
Check out this recipe
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Bite-Size Superbowl Food


Cocktail Meatballs (Grape Jelly Meatballs)

Easy Cocktail Meatballs are the perfect appetizer made with meatballs, grape jelly, and chili sauce – only 3 ingredients! Give them a try!
Check out this recipe

Bacon Brown Sugar Smokies

Bacon Brown Sugar Smokies are the quintessential party food that everyone fights over even though they’re so easy to make! Just three ingredients and you have the easiest appetizer ever!
Check out this recipe

Sausage Balls

Sausage Balls made from pork sausage, cheese, and biscuit mix are savory, cheesy, and ready in under 30 minutes! The perfect party appetizer!
Check out this recipe

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts are crunchy, savory, candied-bacon perfection. Perfect bite-sized appetizers for your next holiday party!
Check out this recipe

BLT Dip Bites

These little BLT bites are full of your favorite Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich flavors in a small crispy bread cup. Made with cream cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, bacon and parsley, they are a fantastic holiday or football party food!
Check out this recipe

Ham and Cheese Puff Pastry Bites

Ham and Cheese Puff Pastry Bites are an easy party appetizer or savory breakfast of flaky pastry filled with honey mustard, ham and cheddar.
Check out this recipe

Cranberry Goat Cheese Pastry Bites

Cranberry Goat Cheese Pastry Bites with just five ingredients are the easiest appetizers you’ll ever serve your guests. Perfect for the holidays!
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Classic Party Appetizers


Cheese Ball

Cheese Ball: an easy party appetizer made with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and pecans that is quick and perfect for any holiday party!
Check out this recipe

Pigs In A Blanket

Pigs in A Blanket are an iconic party appetizer that are so quick to make! Bring on the nostalgia with these crescent dough wrapped mini dogs.
Check out this recipe

Pizzeria Garlic Knots & Sauce

Homemade Pizzeria Garlic Knots and Sauce are so easy to make with fresh garlic, Italian herbs and olive oil, you'll never order them again!
Check out this recipe

Soft Pretzels Bites

Easy Soft Pretzel Bites recipe hack for bite-sized semi homemade pretzels using biscuit dough! With a creamy cheddar cheese dipping sauce.
Check out this recipe

Pepperoni Pizza Bites

Pepperoni Pizza Bites are a like a bagel bite and pizza muffin with homemade dough, cheese & pepperoni, ready to bake in just a few minutes.
Check out this recipe

Easy Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

Easy Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms made with pork sausage, parmesan cheese, garlic and breadcrumbs are a quick holiday appetizer made at home in 15 minutes.
Check out this recipe

Ham Balls with Brown Sugar Glaze

Ham Balls are great way to use leftover ham! Easy Easter appetizers made with ground ham, pork, and a sweet, tangy brown sugar mustard glaze.
Check out this recipe
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Chicken Wings: The Classic

You know it’s not a Super Bowl Party without a jumbo plate piled high with fresh, hot and crispy chicken wings! You can go with traditional Buffalo Wings or try fun, twists like Thai Peanut Wings.


Buffalo Wings

The BEST Buffalo Wings ever and they're oven baked! Tossed with a delicious buffalo wing sauce these will be the hit of your parties!
Check out this recipe

BBQ Chicken Wings

BBQ Chicken Wings are an awesome game day appetizer, baked chicken wings smothered in barbecue sauce.
Check out this recipe

Jerk Chicken Wings

Jerk Chicken Wings are the perfect appetizer marinated overnight in a homemade jerk sauce with green onions, jalapenos and spices baked crispy in the oven.
Check out this recipe

Memphis Barbecue Chicken Wings

These Memphis BBQ Chicken Wings have an easy homemade Memphis barbecue sauce made in minutes. Crispy baked wings in a smoky, bold, sticky sweet BBQ sauce.
Check out this recipe

Boneless Buffalo Wings

Easy Boneless Buffalo Wings recipe for crispy fried bite sized chicken pieces tossed in buttery tangy hot sauce. The ultimate game day snack!
Check out this recipe

Thai Peanut Chicken Wings

Thai Peanut Chicken Wings are the perfect appetizer! Easy crispy baked wings tossed in a creamy spicy peanut sauce and crushed peanuts.
Check out this recipe

Buffalo Wing Sauce

Homemade Buffalo Wing Sauce takes no time at all, just 4 ingredients and if made right is just as good as your favorite bar’s buffalo wings.
Check out this recipe

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings are the best wings for game day! Crispy baked wings in a lemon garlic parmesan sauce and spicy red pepper flakes.
Check out this recipe

Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken Wings

Tossed in a honey mustard and BBQ sauce, these chicken wings will be the hit of your game day party.
Check out this recipe

Thai Curry Chicken Wings

Thai Curry Chicken Wings are spicy, crispy wings perfect for any party! Baked chicken wings in a buttery green curry sauce, ready in an hour!
Check out this recipe

Baked Chicken Wings

Baked Chicken Wings are made easy, and crispy, in the oven with a tasty spice rub made from chili powder, garlic powder, and onion powder.
Check out this recipe
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Super Bowl Lunch Ideas

These hearty dishes make great Super Bowl food for serving a crowd plus they are easy to make! For dishes like Pulled Pork or chicken, put out some Hawaiian Rolls and Coleslaw with an assortment of BBQ Sauces for sliders guests make themselves!

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Sandwiches Perfect for Game Day


Pulled Pork Recipe

Easy Pulled Pork made in the oven (no smoker needed!) with a delicious homemade rub that tastes like it came from your favorite bbq restaurant. This’ll be the hit of the summer season!
Check out this recipe

Ultimate Sloppy Joes

Classic Sloppy Joes in 20 minutes with a homemade tomato gravy and bell peppers on hamburger buns that have won 3 Sloppy Joe competitions!
Check out this recipe

Italian Beef

Easy Italian Beef served in hoagie rolls for the perfect sandwich your guests will love with all the classic flavors in the oven or slow cooker!
Check out this recipe

Philly Cheesesteak

Philly Cheesesteak made in your own kitchen with tender rib-eye steak, caramelized onions, and Cheese Whiz, in a buttery, toasted hoagie roll.
Check out this recipe

Baked Cuban Pork Party Sliders

Baked Cuban Pork Party Sliders have pork shoulder, sliced ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, brown mustard & a butter whole grain mustard topping. They’re a perfect game-day treat and put the standard ham and cheese versions to shame!
Check out this recipe

Chick-Fil-A Inspired Crispy Chicken Sandwich

The crispy, seasoned fried chicken sandwich we all love washed down with the best restaurant lemonade there is! Save the trip and the wait in the long lines!
Check out this recipe

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

Sweet and Tangy Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich topped with Cole Slaw. A perfect meal for your Super Bowl Party!
Check out this recipe

Honey Mustard Pulled Pork Pretzel Sliders

Tender Pulled Pork covered in a homemade raspberry honey mustard sauce with whole mustard seeds served in a toasted pretzel roll. Perfect for your tailgate or gameday party.
Check out this recipe
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Stew & Chili Recipes


Classic Beef Chili

Classic Beef Chili is a ONE POT classic comfort food made with ground beef, beans, crushed tomatoes, and spices, ready in under 45 minutes!
Check out this recipe

Taco Chili

Taco Chili is a hearty, flavorful dish with Mexican ingredients. A fun twist on typical taco night with plenty of delicious topping options.
Check out this recipe

Turkey Chili

Turkey Chili is hearty and filling, made with ground turkey, crushed tomatoes, beans, and spicy seasoning in ONE POT, ready in under 60 minutes!
Check out this recipe

Classic Chicken Stew

Classic Chicken Stew is a comforting weeknight dinner made with classic ingredients like chicken thighs, bacon, onion, thyme, and carrots.
Check out this recipe

White Bean Chicken Chili

White Bean Chicken Chili is a warm, hearty comforting soup made with chicken breast, white beans, corn, green chiles, tomatillos, and spices.
Check out this recipe

Corn Chowder

Corn Chowder is hearty and creamy, made with potatoes, half and half, and sweet corn, then topped with thick cut bacon, ready in 30 minutes!
Check out this recipe

Ultimate Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Ultimate Slow Cooker Beef Stew made with chuck roast, Yukon potatoes and carrots for a rich beef stew that is perfect for the cold weather.
Check out this recipe

Texas Brisket Chili

The best Texas Brisket Chili recipe without beans! Hearty Texas-style chili with tender beef brisket, layers of flavor and plenty of heat!
Check out this recipe

Pepperoni Pizza Soup

Pepperoni Pizza Soup has all flavors of the classic meaty cheesy pizza in a creamy soup for a yummy kid-friendly dinner that is healthy too!
Check out this recipe
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Touchdown Casserole Recipes


Bacon, Beef and Beer Stuffed Shells

Bacon, Beef and Beer Stuffed Shells are a tasty comfort food dish with cheesy beef and bacon cooked into a hearty filling for jumbo shells!
Check out this recipe

Oven Baked Beef Tacos Recipe

Oven Baked Beef Tacos are an easy weeknight meal with none of the mess you can make ahead with ground beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.
Check out this recipe

Chili Cheese Dog Casserole

Your whole family will love this Chili Cheese Dog Casserole! An easy comfort food of cheesy chili dog goodness and baked with a golden flaky crust!
Check out this recipe

Cowboy Casserole

Cowboy Casserole is an easy weeknight family dinner with ground beef, corn, cheddar cheese and sour cream topped with crispy tater tots.
Check out this recipe

Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls

Philly Cheesesteak egg rolls have all the flavors of the classic Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich in a crispy shell and made with ground beef!

Chipotle Barbacoa Beef Burrito (Copycat)

Spicy, seasoned beef cooked low and slow to tender perfection! Layered in a huge burrito, enjoy your favorite Mexican take out for much less!
Check out this recipe
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Slow Cooker Recipes

These are the best slow cooker recipes for Super Bowl parties whether you host them at home or you need to bring a dish as a guest.


Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip is made with cream cheese, ranch, buffalo sauce and cheddar cheese. Perfect for potlucks!
Check out this recipe

Slow Cooker Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches, also sometimes referred to as “crack chicken” are made with bacon, cream cheese, chicken, cheddar cheese and ranch seasonings and they’re a family favorite!
Check out this recipe

Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches are the ultimate sandwich made with your favorite beer with thick slices that are super tender with an amazing crust.

Slow Cooker Meatball Pineapple Smokies

Slow Cooker Meatball Pineapple Smokies are a delicious and easy appetizer for any game day party made with apricot preserves, bbq sauce and pineapples.
Check out this recipe

Pork Carnitas (Slow Cooker)

Pork Carnitas (Slow Cooker) are tender Mexican pulled pork slow cooked in orange juice, chicken broth, chili powder, cumin, and more spices.
Check out this recipe

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese is super creamy and cheesy with no boiling or pre-made noodles and no velveeta or condensed soups!
Check out this recipe

Quick Superbowl Snacks

If you are looking for super quick and easy super bowl snack ideas, these recipes are just for you!


Pesto Cheesy Bread

Pesto Cheesy Bread is a garlicky, cheesy melt-in-your-mouth bread with homemade Pesto, ready in just 30 minutes. Great as an appetizer or served with pasta!
Check out this recipe

Garlic Bread with Sliced Bread

Easy Semi-Homemade Garlic Bread with Sliced Bread turns a regular bread loaf into the best ever buttery, garlicky bread in just 25 minutes!
Check out this recipe

Chex Mix

Chex Mix made with cereal, pretzels, crackers, and melted seasoned butter is the PERFECT combo of savory and crunchy for your next party!
Check out this recipe

Firecracker Ranch Saltines

Firecracker Ranch Saltines are the perfect spicy snack of saltine crackers flavored with ranch seasoning, chili powder and red pepper flakes.
Check out this recipe

Sweet and Salty Snack Mix

Sweet and Salty Snack Mix is easy to take on hikes or enjoy throughout the day. Made with Chex cereal, pretzels, peanuts, M&Ms, and more.
Check out this recipe

Ranch Oyster Crackers

Ranch Oyster Crackers are an easy snack of tiny crackers tossed in ranch dressing mix, oil, and dill then baked. Delicious soup topping too!
Check out this recipe

Homemade Cheddar Cheese Popcorn (Perfect for Movie Nights!)

Easy Homemade Cheddar Cheese Popcorn! Just like the kind you buy in tins at Christmas. The best part is it takes just five minutes to make and is done 100% in the microwave!
Check out this recipe
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Super Bowl Side Dishes

Round out your Super Bowl Party menu with some side dishes like easy bread recipes, cold salads, and crowd pleasing classics like Baked Beans!


Potato Salad Recipe

Classic Potato Salad with a creamy mayonnaise dressing with relish, mustard and celery salt coating potatoes and chopped hard boiled eggs.
Check out this recipe

Easy Cole Slaw Recipe (Coleslaw)

This traditional coleslaw recipe is an easy side dish made with shredded cabbage mix and creamy dressing – ready in 5 minutes!
Check out this recipe

Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe

Baked Mac and Cheese is the ultimate classic side dish for any meal with three cheeses, perfect for the holidays and for BBQ’s!
Check out this recipe

Baked Beans Recipe

The BEST EVER Baked Beans that have won 4 bbq competitions! Prepped in just 15 minutes, they are going to be the hit of your summer barbecue.
Check out this recipe

Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Loaded Mashed Potatoes are creamy and buttery, topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, and scallions. Perfect for making ahead.
Check out this recipe

Easy Corn Salad

Easy Corn Salad is a quick no-cook summer side dish. Tasty deli salad made with sweet corn, bell pepper, and red onion in a homemade Dijon red wine vinaigrette.
Check out this recipe

Creamy Spicy Sweet Potato Salad

Creamy Spicy Sweet Potato Salad is the perfect side bursting with flavor from lime, chili powder, cayenne pepper, cilantro, and coriander.
Check out this recipe

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad is the perfect side dish to your favorite summer grilled foods or teriyaki recipes.
Check out this recipe

Broccoli Salad

Broccoli Salad is an easy summer salad with raisins, bacon and sunflower seeds for your barbecues, picnics, and summer potlucks that can sit without wilting!
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Easy Sweet Treats

Sweets snacks and desserts always score big at Super Bowl Parties! These easy, sugary treats will hit the spot whether your guests are celebrating or need cheering up.


M&M Stuffed Vanilla Cupcakes (with a Super Bowl party game printable!)

M&M’s Stuffed Easy Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting and the stuffing makes for a fun party game for teams! (with a Super Bowl party game printable!)
Check out this recipe

Snickers Cheeseball

You’ll be party-ready with this Snickers Cheeseball made with cream cheese, vanilla extract and caramel sauce. Guaranteed to turn any hangry Grinch into a happy elf!
Check out this recipe

Cinnastix Pizza Sticks with Dipping Sauce (Domino’s Copycat)

Sweet Cinnamon Stix (Pizza Sticks) like the ones from Domino’s… but better because of real butter! and sweet vanilla dipping sauce make pizza night at home feel like you ordered out.
Check out this recipe

Sugar Cookie Bars

Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars are the best recipe for soft, chewy sugar cookies for a party. Sweet cream cheese frosting that you can color to match the team colors!
Check out this recipe

Sour Patch Grapes – Healthier than the Candy!

With only two ingredients, these candied grapes come together in seconds and taste like you threw deliciously tart green grapes into the machines at the Sour Patch Candy factory!
Check out this recipe

Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

Chocolate Cheesecake Bars are an amazing, creamy, sweet treat with an Oreo crust perfect to slice up squares to share with a crowd.
Check out this recipe

Cheddar & Caramel Chicago Mix Popcorn

Salty & Sweet. Cheesy & Buttery! This mix of popcorns is a fantastic mix of flavors commonly referred to as Chicago Popcorn! You’ve seen it in popcorn stores and in pre-made bags, but now you can make it at home!
Super Bowl Party Recipes collage

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Sabrina Snyder is a professionally trained personal and private chef of over 10 years who is the creator and developer of all the recipes on Dinner, then Dessert.

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